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πŸ“ Las Vegas, Nevada - I enjoy mingling with others when out and about and love finding out new things about people. Entertainment like dancing, seeing a striptease, or hitting the theater are all fun activities that would be so much better with a partner.


πŸ“ Las Vegas, Nevada - Take me out on the town, show me off to others, and revel in the thought that within hours you'll have me within your clutches in the privacy of your room or home.


πŸ“ Las Vegas, Nevada - I'm 23, I'm fun, I'm 420 🌿 friendly, I love meeting new people and I love life. I moved here from the Hawaiian Islands when I was 18. I do this type of work part-time. I am also a bartender during the day shift, so I am available during the nights for dating.


πŸ“ Las Vegas, Nevada - I'm a biker chick. Yes, I know that can be intimidating if you aren't into riding yourself. The edge I think it gives me is that I have street smarts and the knowledge necessary to go to any establishment without fear of any kind. Having me by your side will put you right at ease.


πŸ“ Washington D.C. - I want to be able to hear you and see you without other people getting in the way. I love snuggling and will cherish every touch that we share. Do you want to feel as if you have a girlfriend? You will experience that when you are with me. Everything else gets forgotten.


πŸ“ Las Vegas, Nevada - I can bring you out to some of the best places around. Even if you ARE a local, I still might know about some places that you haven't tried yourself.


πŸ“ Las Vegas, Nevada - If you need a date, imagine the looks others will give us when we walk through the door. I'm extremely attractive, and that alone will turn heads.


πŸ“ San Diego, California - I am Raye and I joined this network so I can meet new people. I am a 420 girl and would love to smoke some green with you. I have no ties at the moment and find this is a wonderful way to get out and about with interesting folks from all over the area.


πŸ“ Las Vegas, Nevada - I am Nessa (short for Vanessa, of course). I am 23 years old and a vibrant young woman looking for exciting ways to bide my time.


πŸ“ San Diego, California - You'll find I have an addictive personality myself and you'll be laughing and smiling for sure. πŸ˜„ Β I have a way of getting people to forget about their troubles. Life is meant to be enjoyed and I try to bring that into my conversations in a subtle way. You'll have a positive attitude overall after spending time with me.


πŸ“ San Diego, California - If I feel you want someone to converse with, I'm all ears. If you would rather take charge and have me follow your lead, your wish is my command.


πŸ“ Washington D.C. - Fun and fantasy await with a date with me! I'm also 420 friendly! πŸ˜‰ I've got plenty of tricks up my sleeve and can't wait to see if they tickle your fancy. Want to give it a try? Give me a call and let's do this dating thing right!


πŸ“ Washington D.C. - I am 20 years old and find that dating men who are unable to find the perfect mate on their own is one of my happiest past times. It is an experience to learn about different people and go to places I have never been before.


πŸ“ San Diego, California - Imagine going out on a date together. I'll show up at your desired location and you'll instantly be pleased in what you view. We will then head out to dinner, a show, or a lounge to get to know each other better.


πŸ“ Las Vegas, Nevada - I am 24 years old, a college graduate, and a woman who loves spending time with those who deserve to have a pretty woman by their side.


πŸ“ Washington D.C. - My name is Iris and I am one of the few dates-for-hire available for either male or female clients. I am a people-person and love to party!


πŸ“ Washington D.C. - Dating me is like a breath of fresh air. There are no strings attached, no one to answer to, nothing to worry about. I am not judgmental in the least and I go with the flow.


πŸ“ Las Vegas, Nevada - Let's meet up and find out how much fun we can have together! 🍸πŸ₯‚ 🎑🍭🍺 I am a 26-year-old woman with plenty of energy and a flair for making any situation an adventure. I love getting to know my clients on the most intimate level, making you feel completely secure with my presence whether we are out or completely alone.


πŸ“ San Diego, California - Females, don't feel left out! If you are looking for a date, I'm open to a girl experience all the way. Couples' date? I'm game. Like I said...learning about others and engaging in encounters of all kinds helps to expand horizons of all types.


πŸ“ San Diego, California - Let's not be bashful. I'm a REAL girl who wants to show you a great time. ❀ Let's go out and see where the night leads us. Talk away, show me off, and then let me make you one of the happiest guys in the world when we spend our time away from others.

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