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2023-12-06T14:51:16-08:00Las Vegas|

📍 Las Vegas, Nevada - I enjoy mingling with others when out and about and love finding out new things about people. Entertainment like dancing, seeing a striptease, or hitting the theater are all fun activities that would be so much better with a partner.


2023-12-06T14:50:20-08:00Las Vegas|

📍 Las Vegas, Nevada - I think I am reasonably good-looking and have a body that many have told me surpasses the average build for a woman of my height. I want to share an interesting time with you.


2023-12-06T14:50:39-08:00Las Vegas|

📍 Las Vegas, Nevada - I am not shy AT ALL. If you want me to take the lead in how our date goes, I can definitely accommodate with that. I will want to be with you alone. That is a given. So please try to have a spot where we can sneak away to when we feel like it.


2023-12-06T14:52:08-08:00San Diego|

📍 San Diego, California - I am Raye and I joined this network so I can meet new people. I am a 420 girl and would love to smoke some green with you. I have no ties at the moment and find this is a wonderful way to get out and about with interesting folks from all over the area.


2023-12-06T14:51:27-08:00Washington D.C.|

📍 Washington D.C. - I love dressing up, playing the part of a girlfriend or love interest, and then going to a secluded spot for a nightcap. The first part of our date will include a public setting if you choose. Dinner, drinks, dancing, entertainment....whatever your heart desires.

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