Q: So What Exactly Is This Website?

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Q: So you’re saying I can have a girlfriend for one date?

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Q: Okay, so I’m interested. What do I do now?

A: It’s pretty straightforward. You’ll select the girl you’re interested in and fill out the needed paperwork and contact form. It’ll take us an hour or two to go over everything and to give you a callback. We’ll then walk you through which girls are available, show you pictures and give you all the insights into the different girls. This way, you can make the best decision possible.

Once you pick out the girl we’ll establish a way for you two to connect ahead of time. Here you can get to know her and talk some of the finer details of your time together. If you’re a busy individual and don’t have the extra time to set aside for that not a problem either. We can handle the scheduling and all that good stuff. We just like to offer the opportunity to meet your soon-to-be date ahead of time. We think it’s easier to shake off some of those first date jitters if you’ve already met your show-stopping girlfriend before.

Q: Where can I take my date?

A: You can take your date anywhere you might normally take a date. Hang out at a bar, a coffee shop, go to the movies, go swimming. Basically, think about what you’d do with a first date. Where would you want to take her? Now, you’re not allowed to take her back to any personal residence. It’s a safety concern and we do everything in our power to ensure our girls are always in a safe, healthy environment.

Q: What are the limitations I have with my girlfriend?

A: Your limitations are what your girlfriend says are the limitations. It’s all about spending time with someone who will make you feel complete and loved.

Q: How old are the girls?

A: The girls begin at the age of 18 and will go up from there. So if you have a desire for a legal age range we’re sure we can help you out with it.