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📍 San Diego, California - I am Raye and I joined this network so I can meet new people. I am a 420 girl and would love to smoke some green with you. I have no ties at the moment and find this is a wonderful way to get out and about with interesting folks from all over the area.


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📍 San Diego, California - I enjoy dressing up and going out and about. Having me next to you when spending time in public will put your mind at ease and delight you as others will be watching us while secretly wishing they had the connection with their significant partners that we seem to have.


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📍 San Diego, California - Dating younger women can be annoying if you are looking for someone with life's experiences behind them. Dating older women can also be risky because they are often needy and grasp onto a guy when they find one the least bit interested in them. You do not need to worry about either of these scenarios if you book a date with me.


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📍 San Diego, California - Imagine going out on a date together. I'll show up at your desired location and you'll instantly be pleased in what you view. We will then head out to dinner, a show, or a lounge to get to know each other better.


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📍 San Diego, California - You'll find I have an addictive personality myself and you'll be laughing and smiling for sure. 😄  I have a way of getting people to forget about their troubles. Life is meant to be enjoyed and I try to bring that into my conversations in a subtle way. You'll have a positive attitude overall after spending time with me.


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📍 San Diego, California - Let's not be bashful. I'm a REAL girl who wants to show you a great time. ❤ Let's go out and see where the night leads us. Talk away, show me off, and then let me make you one of the happiest guys in the world when we spend our time away from others.


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📍 San Diego, California - The best part of dating is the time you get to spend with a person one-on-one. I love alone time. The fulfillment you get in learning about another person is second to none. I am not at all bashful, and you will feel completely at ease in getting to know me intimately. I promise!

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