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2019-12-13T19:08:36-08:00Las Vegas|

πŸ“ Las Vegas, Nevada - I'm a biker chick. Yes, I know that can be intimidating if you aren't into riding yourself. The edge I think it gives me is that I have street smarts and the knowledge necessary to go to any establishment without fear of any kind. Having me by your side will put you right at ease.


2019-12-13T17:22:37-08:00San Diego|

πŸ“ San Diego, California - I enjoy dressing up and going out and about. Having me next to you when spending time in public will put your mind at ease and delight you as others will be watching us while secretly wishing they had the connection with their significant partners that we seem to have.


2019-06-25T15:23:54-07:00Washington D.C.|

πŸ“ Washington D.C. - I am 20 years old and find that dating men who are unable to find the perfect mate on their own is one of my happiest past times. It is an experience to learn about different people and go to places I have never been before.


2019-12-13T19:11:13-08:00Las Vegas|

πŸ“ Las Vegas, Nevada - A date with me is rather exciting. I am 420 friendly and enjoy it a lot. Thank goodness I live in a legal state. I will make sure you are the center of my attention from the time we meet.


2019-12-13T19:14:48-08:00Las Vegas|

πŸ“ Las Vegas, Nevada - Dating me is totally fun, totally entertaining, and totally sexy. I will make you feel appreciated from the second we meet. You'll be stunned to see how much more beautiful I am in person. Really, these profile pictures don't do me justice. 😘


2019-12-13T18:10:25-08:00San Diego|

πŸ“ San Diego, California - Dating younger women can be annoying if you are looking for someone with life's experiences behind them. Dating older women can also be risky because they are often needy and grasp onto a guy when they find one the least bit interested in them. You do not need to worry about either of these scenarios if you book a date with me.


2019-12-13T16:20:04-08:00Washington D.C.|

πŸ“ Washington D.C. - I will impress those you work with and you'll enjoy the attention you'll receive because of it. I have a huge wardrobe and will dress totally appropriate for whatever type of function you need to attend.


2019-12-13T19:17:26-08:00Las Vegas|

πŸ“ Las Vegas, Nevada - I am more understanding about people in general and try to have fun instead of dwelling upon the fact that I am not coupled with someone on a permanent basis. If you feel similar, then perhaps you would like to meet me in person.


2019-06-25T15:53:50-07:00San Diego|

πŸ“ San Diego, California - Imagine going out on a date together. I'll show up at your desired location and you'll instantly be pleased in what you view. We will then head out to dinner, a show, or a lounge to get to know each other better.

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