You Must Register or To Book A Date With Me.

Let her dress up for you tonight.

About Me:

Nationality: Caucasian
Birthday: 04-20-1996
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Bust: 38D
Height: 5’6″
Favorite Things: I love shopping, modeling, traveling, and I LOVE showing off my dates. 😉

If you are here looking at my profile, then I would guess you need a date with a beautiful woman. It may be for personal reasons, or it may be because you have an event coming up where you want to have a partner with you. It does not matter why. What matters is that you came here and you found the woman that can help.

I am Mabel and I am available to hire for dates of any type. I enjoy mingling with others when out and about and love finding out new things about people. Entertainment like dancing, seeing a striptease, or hitting the theater are all fun activities that would be so much better with a partner. Let me be the one you decide to bring along!

Going out as a couple for business reasons is every bit as fun as for personal ones. I will make your colleagues very jealous of you when we walk into the establishment. You’ll be very pleased with how I handle myself and no one will be any the wiser that I was hired to do the job. It will be our little secret.

Regardless of your reasoning for being here, I sure am glad you are. Can you do me a favor and reach out to me by phone or email? I will do my best to be there for whatever date and time you want to meet up for a special date. — Mabel

You Must Register or To Book A Date With Me.

You Must Register or To Book A Date With Me.