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📍 Las Vegas, Nevada - If you need a date, imagine the looks others will give us when we walk through the door. I'm extremely attractive, and that alone will turn heads.


📍 Las Vegas, Nevada - My name is Bridget. I am originally from Sweden, but I am now living in the United States. I love this country and I enjoy the time I spend with my clients to the fullest.


📍 Las Vegas, Nevada - I keep an open mind with each date I go on and find the good in every single one. 💙 I've met so many different people and take away positive experiences.


📍 Las Vegas, Nevada - In private, I am sexy, sultry, and ready to please you in ways you aren't even aware of.


📍 Las Vegas, Nevada - I'm a biker chick. Yes, I know that can be intimidating if you aren't into riding yourself. The edge I think it gives me is that I have street smarts and the knowledge necessary to go to any establishment without fear of any kind. Having me by your side will put you right at ease.


📍 Las Vegas, Nevada - A date with me is rather exciting. I am 420 friendly and enjoy it a lot. Thank goodness I live in a legal state. I will make sure you are the center of my attention from the time we meet.


📍 Las Vegas, Nevada - Take me out on the town, show me off to others, and revel in the thought that within hours you'll have me within your clutches in the privacy of your room or home.


📍 Las Vegas, Nevada - Dating me is totally fun, totally entertaining, and totally sexy. I will make you feel appreciated from the second we meet. You'll be stunned to see how much more beautiful I am in person. Really, these profile pictures don't do me justice. 😘

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